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"5 bright shiny apples for this gem of a book!
If you’ve got yourself a picky eater at home, No Ordinary Apple is a definite read."

— Enchanting Children's Book Review

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No Ordinary Apple

Available at all major booksellers. In Toronto, available at Caversham Booksellers & Parentbooks.

No Ordinary Apple illustration, apple in mouthSynopsis: On an otherwise ordinary day, Elliot discovers something extraordinary: the power of mindfulness. When he asks his neighbor Carmen for a snack, he's at first disappointed when she hands him an apple - he wanted candy!  But when encouraged to carefully and attentively look, feel, smell, taste and even listen to the apple, Elliot discovers that this apple is not ordinary at all! Lushly and humorously illustrated, No Ordinary Apple makes a traditional technique for training mindfulness a fun and enjoyable way for children to learn to slow down and appreciate even the simplest things.

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Acclaim for No Ordinary Apple

"We often hear ourselves telling children to pay attention but we don’t often teach children HOW to pay attention. This book does just that and it is deliciously fun to read."
Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness and Lovingkindness

No Ordinary Apple is an entertaining story about using more than just the sense of taste to appreciate food. By looking at, smelling, touching, and even listening to food, the simple act of eating something like an apple can be creative, surprising, and fun. Teachers, parents, and readers alike can use this story as a starting point for discussing the concept of engaging all senses and being mindful of the little things in many aspects of life. And the instructions that Elliot follows in this book can easily be repeated by readers the next time they eat something themselves. This is an excellent tale about the wonders of food, and it will be a great addition to any collection.
CM Magazine

"Parents will appreciate the call to slow down and pay attention, advice that’s good for a lifetime. (Avoiding candy is a bonus lesson.) For children, the book will open new perspectives on the fruit of knowledge."
Publisher's Weekly

"Reading this book would go a long way in helping children to internalize the practice of being present in the moment. There are so few children's books that skillfully address this topic. What a gift to have this book available!"
Linda Lantieri, author of Building Emotional Intelligence

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