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When "Calm Down" Doesn't Work: Supporting our Children with Emotion Coaching

Being a parent is not easy at the best of times. We navigate challenging behaviours and intense feelings, while trying to manage our own along the way! Add the pandemic, where everyone’s nervous system is on overdrive, and our emotions are much closer to the surface. Plus living in a society that encourages emotion avoidance rather than expression, it doesn’t take much before we erupt.

Emotion coaching is the interpersonal process that has the most powerful effect on calming the brain (Lafrance & Miller, 2020). Once children feel heard, they are more likely to hear us, co-operate, become more flexible, and come up with solutions when needed. 

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • A brief overview of emotion basics: how emotions feel, what they need and their action tendency
  • The 5 steps of emotion coaching, with a focus on ‘validation’
  • Awareness of our knee-jerk parenting responses that can steer our kids away from fully processing their emotions 
  • Tips to build our inner resources so we can better calm ourselves when trying to help calm our children

2022 dates TBD

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