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Sara is a registered social worker, providing individual, couple and family counselling. She works online with individuals, couples and families who reside in Ontario. Sara supports people to re-connect to their values and preferences for living; priorities that can often be hidden by the difficulties in their lives. She has a particular interest in supporting to people to connect with and transform painful emotions.

She has experience working with people facing a variety of challenges, including but not limited to:

  • anxietyMindful Families Counseling lotus flower image
  • sadness and depression
  • stress
  • relationship difficulties
  • parenting challenges
  • feelings of low self worth
  • chronic pain 
  • grief and loss
  • family conflict
  • relationship conflict
  • self image
  • body image
  • adverse childhood experiences
  • impact of systemic oppression

Sara has an eclectic approach to counselling to respond to the different needs of the people with whom she works. This can include talk therapy, mindfulness and meditation, self-compassion training, parent coaching, experiential work, emotion focused processing, expressive arts, and relationship work – all within the context of a supportive, non-judgmental, therapeutic relationship. 

Sara uses Gottman Method Couple Therapy and has completed the Level 3 Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She is also a Certified mindful self-compassion teacher. Sara teaches online mindful self-compassion classes two times per year.

Sara is an educator of the two-day Gottman Bringing Baby Home workshop for new and expecting parents. 

Sara has a particular interest is supporting people to bring awareness to their emotions and learn to regulate and soothe themselves so they can be more intentional in how they respond, particularly in relationships with others. She has completed training in emotion focused therapy and emotion focused family therapy.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Sara at sara [at] saramarlowe.com or visit her on Psychology Today.

Many extended benefits plans provide coverage for Masters Level, Registered Social Workers. Otherwise, fees can count as a medical expense on income tax. Please contact your provider to inquire about potential coverage.

(Photo by Sara Marlowe)

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